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Getting To Know Us

A1 Minerals Equipment Brokers is the leading mining equipment broker in Australia.

When it comes to mining equipment, we are experts at helping you get them and know just how to do it. We understand the importance of equipment to any mining venture, which is why we do everything to assist you in getting them when you need them. Mining is capital and labour intensive work which usually means that those in this industry rarely have the time to get the equipment they need on time, especially when they need it. Instead of going through the stress of getting the equipment you need yourself, we take the burden off you, providing you with access to equipment when you need it.

As brokers, we link the mining businesses and the manufacturers and sellers of mining equipment. Instead of going directly to the manufacturers and sellers yourself, which can be stressful and take a long time, during which you will not be able to focus your full attention and energy on your business.  You just have to come to us, explain the kind of equipment you want and we will handle the rest. Not only would we help you get the equipment, but we can also assist you with the transfer of the equipment and the installation.

Leading Mining Equipment Broker In Australia1

Our equipment brokerage services are a comprehensive one that covers all your mining equipment needs. As experts in the mining industry, we understand how the market works and how to quickly get you the equipment you need. Whether you are buying new or used equipment, you can count on us to get you the right equipment within the shortest time. Our brokerage services are not limited to acquisition; we understand that the cost of mining equipment might prevent you from getting one even though you need it. You don’t have to worry because several leasing companies offer mining equipment on lease. We can help you get the equipment on lease for the time you need it.

The mining equipment that you can get through us includes capital equipment, conveyors, technical support equipment, abrasion control equipment, many more. Everything you need can be gotten through us, simplifying the process for you at very little cost to you. We also assist you with getting equipment finance and insurance to effectively get the equipment when you need it and protect your equipment.

Our team includes brokers who have spent years working in the mining industry in various roles, from miners to engineers to salespeople. Thus, they have a full understanding of the industry and guide you if need be. Years of operating within this niche industry have made us an established and reputable authority, enabling us to have strong connections with manufacturers, sellers, lenders, and other stakeholders in the mining industry.