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We are the leading mining equipment broker in Australia.

When it comes to mining equipment, we are experts at helping you get them and know just how to do it. We understand the importance of equipment to any mining venture, which is why we do everything to assist you in getting them when you need them. Mining is capital and labour intensive work which usually means that those in this industry rarely have the time to get the equipment they need on time, especially when they need it. Instead of going through the stress of getting the equipment you need yourself, we take the burden off you, providing you with access to equipment when you need it.

Capital Equipment

We can assist you in getting all the capital equipment needed for mining. Capital equipment is best described as an asset whose purchase price is higher than a given sum. Aside from this, capital equipment ordinarily possesses a lifetime of other than one year.


Conveyor systems are popular bits of articles engaged in operating equipment whose main goal is to transport articles or items originating from one place to another location. Conveyor systems generally permit fast and effective movement of broad types of items. In turns, this reduces human errors, lessens accidents at places of work, lowers the price of labour, etc.

Technical support

Mining is a delicate task that involves a lot of safety precautions and due diligence. You cannot dabble in mineral mining without having adequate technical know-how. There are loads of technicalities involved in the mining exercise.

Abrasion control

Mining is a lucrative enterprise when it is done right. Mining can be a death trap if due care is not taken and adequate precautionary measures are not put in place. During mining, several forms of abrasion do take place, and if not properly handled, it may lead to serious damage to the surface area of the ground that is being mined.

Material handling

Handling materials entail a special skill level, and it will be best if you allow an expert company to handle it for you. There are several products specifically built and designed for this purpose.

Rubber lining

The process of rubber lining during mining is very important in preventing the surface from abrasion. The rubber lining is usually bonded to steel or aluminium; this will help the material withhold any form of abrasion.

Equipment Finance

The mining industry depends heavily on equipment to get anything done, and like all businesses, you need the best equipment to stay ahead. However, the equipment cost has always been a problem as it is a capital intensive exercise to get the equipment you need. It is no wonder that leasing equipment is quite common in this sector.


The need for insurance arose from the fact that there are inherent risks in everything. To protect one from these risks, it becomes necessary to take out insurance. Insurance can come in various forms, and one of the common forms of commercial insurance is equipment insurance.