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Further Explorations In The Energy-water Nexus

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The exploration for and production of oil and gas to meet our nation's energy needs also results in the production of large quantities of water as a by-product. This water, which is produced from wells during exploration and production, is known as "produced water." Because produced water may contain a variety of contaminants, such as salts and minerals, it is often considered to be a waste stream that oil and gas producers must appropriately manage and treat before this water can be disposed of. If it is not appropriately managed or treated, the contaminants present in produced water discharged from oil and gas operations may threaten human health and the environment. This book explores the inextricable link between energy production and water with a focus on what is known about the volume and quality of produced water from oil and gas production; what practices are generally used to manage and treat produced water; and how the management of produced water is regulated at the federal level and in selected states.

Modern Groundwater Exploration

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New exploration tools and techniques for a breakthrough paradigm of regional groundwater occurrence
Fresh water is undoubtedly our most precious resource aside from the air we breathe, and the only commodity whose cost has steadily risen over time. At the same time, our understanding of the origins, pathways, and recharge mechanisms of the earth's most valuable "economic" mineral-groundwater-remains in the nineteenth century. It is ironic that this scientific anachronism is contributing to a global shortage of available fresh water supplies while oil, gas, and mineral discoveries have proliferated, vastly increasing the world's energy, precious metals, and industrial mineral reserves.
Modern Groundwater Exploration details applications and results of proven twenty-first- century technologies and geological concepts adapted from the oil, gas, and mineral exploration industries for evaluating, developing, and managing previously undiscovered, massive, sustainable groundwater resources. Unprecedented in both its scope and authority, this timely book presents:
* A new groundwater paradigm, coined Megawatershed, which accurately and comprehensively describes the earth's natural complex groundwater systems
* Innovative exploration, drilling, and testing technologies that make major new ground-water sources more locatable and cost-effective to produce than ever before
* Actual case studies in which megawatershed methods have identified vast quantities of new water and brought new hope to previously arid and desperately water-short locales
* Chapters by former OECD DAC chairman Alexander R. Love, geopolitical analyst Dr. Ewan Anderson, and former director of the Trinidad and Tobago Water Resources Agency Dr. Utam Maharaj on the tremendous global implications of the megawater-shed paradigm. These experts explore the many beneficial applications of megawater-shed development, from macroeconomics to development of small island developing state (SIDS), and from critical environmental issues to water conflict resolution and the potential for a second "green revolution"
The world's need for clean, dependable water is more urgent-and addressable-than ever before. Let Modern Groundwater Exploration introduce you to the authors' revolutionary megawatershed paradigm, along with the latest concepts and technologies for accessing vast reservoirs of groundwater-still today's safest, cleanest, and most plentiful water resource.

Protein Nutrition And Mineral Absorption

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This volume presents information regarding the mechanisms of protein absorption under normal and pathologic conditions, in addition to reviewing changes that occur at various stages of life. General modifiers of intestinal absorption, such as the processing of foods, the nutritional status of the individual, and disease, are explored with reference to both proteins and minerals. Inorganic macronutrients, namely calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, are discussed in relation to protein ingestion. The book also explores the concept of essential trace elements (e.g., iron, zinc, copper, and iodine) and their link to protein sufficiency. The relationship of ultratrace elements with the content of proteins in food is examined, and the book offers a fresh view of the role of certain elements, particularly zinc, on the conformation of proteins linked to DNA, hormone receptors, and gene products. Protein Nutrition and Mineral Absorption is packed with 2,300 references, 100 figures and graphs, plus 25 tables. Nutritionists and physicians will find this book to be an invaluable reference source for rationalizing nutritional interventions and diet modifications for their patients.

101 Self Exploration Journal Questions

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"...The art of knowing yourself is the path to true happiness. Once you have made friends with your inner-self, you can overcome any obstacle..."

101 Self Exploration Journal Questions is a self exploration workbook designed specifically for you to learn more about your deepest thoughts and desires. You will learn things you never knew about your true personality and venture on a journey of self-discovery.

You will find out what you really think about things, and may realise where you can improve your life to get what you really want deep down and get where you want to be. This journal may lead you on the path to happiness. We guarantee you will love it.

Whether for adults or teenagers, everyone will love this journal. You can tackle just 1 question a day in your favorite chair. With 101 different questions to quiz your true self, you are sure to be amazed and highly entertained as you discover what you really think about your past, present and future. Not only will this book enlighten you, you may also be able to realize exactly where you can change your life and find out how to be happy.

Creative journaling is a great way to perform new age meditation. It can be highly therapeutic to go through this book, even if you only answer one creative writing question a day. Try answering one before bed, or first thing in the morning so it gives you something to think about during your day. We guarantee however, that once you get started, you will find this self exploration journal highly addictive and soon you will want to complete it.

Get this self exploration book for yourself, or buy one as an unusual gift for friends and family. They would love to receive a workbook with creative journal prompts for adults as an unusual present that no one else you know is likely to get them. A gift that will last, be used, treasured and even passed on to others. Once you start answering the questions, you will find yourself wondering how people you know would answer. Perhaps you could order several copies and share and compare your answers with your friends and relatives...

So what are you waiting for? Order Your workbook now and find out what you really think...


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